Exilus – Synthwave Sample Pack

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Join us on the musical joyride through neon-lit streets and glowing cityscapes with our latest release, EXILUS – Synthwave Sample Pack!


Exilus takes it’s inspiration straight from 80s and early 90s soundtracks and reboots them using ultra modern production techniques. To achieve this this warm and rich sound we used extremely flexible Cobalt8 virtual-analogue synthesiser for all melodic parts.

Listen To ‘Exilus’ In Action

EXILUS is loaded with all the essential elements you need to make retro-futuristic tracks: pulsating bass lines, warm melodies, hypnotic arps and reverberant drums for a melancholic retro experience!


‘Exilus’ Comes With Ableton Pack

We have also included a synthwave project file for Ableton Live 11, Ableton Live Drum Rack and 10 Ableton Live Drum Kits.


Loops and Samples work in any DAW
100% Royalty-free for use in your musical productions




Full Pack, Ableton Pack, Sample Pack

Product Breakdown

Size 958 MB
BPM 80-140
Drum Loops 23
Drum Fx Loops 10
Hihat Loops 19
Top Loops 22
Drum Fills 9
Claps 11
Hats 20
Kicks 21
Open Hats 20
Percussion 11
Toms 11
Snares 20
Fxs 10
Bass Loops 29
Bass One Shots 20
Music Loops 29
Synth Loops 48
Synth One Shots 29
Ableton Live Project File 11
Ableton Live Drum Rack
Ableton Live Drum Kits10
Drum Kits 10

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