Borealis – Lofi Hip Hop Sample Pack

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BOREALIS Sample Pack by Loop Cult is here to expand your producer’s palette in making Lo-Fi Hip Hop Beats.

Prepare to breathe the splendour of the northern lights into you tunes using:
• Diverse drum grooves ranging in tempo and colour;
• Lopsided percussion loops & chops to give your beats a distinct off-beat twist
• Tape-Flutter-y pianos and synths to take you places
• Crafted synthetic licks to give your tunes a unique touch

‘BOREALIS’ is a 100% royalty free sample collection of hip hop sounds and loops, available in 24-Bit Wav.


Listen To ‘Borealis’ In Action




Gambino – Hip Hop Sample Pack


Loop Cult welcomes you to the family with GAMBINO: a slick new sample collection for making arguably legal Hip-Hop.
Expect to find tools worthy of a truly seasoned mobster:
• Crafted beats ranging from old-school 80’s grooves to modern day trap influences; knuckle kicks and pocketknife snares
• Diverse percussion with shuffling tambourine & cymbal loops
• Tight analogue bass lines to blast your car stereo
Synths, differing in tempo, key, and groove, all perfect for conveying the authentic air of gangster-inhibited slums.


Loops and Samples work in any DAW
100% Royalty-free for use in your musical productions




Standard Edition, Production Bundle

Product Breakdown

Size 601 mb
BPM 60-90
Full Drum Loops 20
Hat & Cymbal Loops 20
Kick Loops 20
Kick & Snare Loops 20
Percussion Loops 20
Snare Loops 20
Top Drum Loops 20
Claps 10
Hats 32
Kicks 20
Percussion Hits 38
Snares 17
Synth & Keys Loops 64
Bass Loops 18
Fx Loops 20
Vox Loops 19
Bonus Gambino – Hip Hop Sample Pack

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