Toxin – Dubstep Sample Pack

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What a crazy time to live in. Poison has been the talk of the world as of late, and we couldn’t just turn a blind eye to that.

Loop Cult say: let music be your one true poison, and it is for that reason that we have have concocted TOXIN: a vile mixture of deadly Dubstep sonics aimed to intoxicate not bodies, but minds and souls of Dubstep lovers worldwide.

TOXIN takes a seemingly expected path with classic heavy-paced 140bpm workouts, and intersperses it with a noxious twist: all the sounds inside come with a rasping and gritty feel, proudly wearing authentic underground rave culture inspiration upon its sleeve, resulting in relentlessly tight & catchy drops that are certain to stand out.

Expect to be able to craft insane 140bpm floor-shakers with the help of the over-the-top drum loops & chops, booming subs & searing synthetic mids and spine-chilling frenetic synth & song starter loops set to inject some wicked colours into your grooves, as well as a splatter of frenzied FX bits to keep the whole mixture interesting.

Spread vibes not toxicity.


Listen To ‘Toxin’ In Action


‘Toxin’ Ableton Live Drum Rack

Ableton Live 10 Drum Rack


10 Stem Kits Included

• Bass Stems
• Drum Buss Stems
• Synth Stems
• Fx Stems



Loops and Samples work in any DAW
100% Royalty-free for use in your musical productions




'Toxin' Sample Pack, Dubstep Bundle

Product Breakdown

Size 775 mb
BPM 140
Drum Fills 16
Drum Loops 16
Fx Drum Loops 10
Hihat Loops 16
Top Loops 16
Claps 14
Cymbals 10
Hats 14
Kicks 15
Open Hihats 11
Percs 16
Snares 13
Bass Loops 15
Mid & Intro Bass Loops 30
Sub Bass Loops 15
Bass One Shots 21
Song Starters 14
Synth Loops 15
Downlifter Fx Loops 5
Impact Fx Loops 5
Misc Fx Loops 5
Fx One Shots 11
Bonus 10 Stem Kits
Bonus Ableton Live 10 Drum Rack

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