Amok – Future Beats Sample Pack

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Grown in a world of twilight and standardisation, this beast of a sample library will go postal to destroy normality. Combining sonic experimentation on the brink of Hip Hop, Future Beats and Halftime Drum & Bass – AMOK delivers over 900MB of shuffled beats, wonky tops, twisted percy melodies, punchy kicks, slapping snares and saturated basslines. 10 Construction Kits will be your secret weapon to beat the writer’s block and get productive again.

Additionally packed with Ableton Racks, Creative Drum Loops and Bass/ Synth one shots, AMOK provides extra tools to sculpture your sound the way you want it.

If you are looking for unique sounds, then look no further – AMOK Sample Pack has all you need to make a hard-hitting ‘Halftime/ Future Beats’ banger.


Listen To ‘Amok’ In Action



‘Amok’ Drum Rack // Ableton Live 10 Drum Rack
A great tool to make drum beat quick


‘Amok’ Bass & Synth Rack // Ableton Live 10 Rack
Add interesting variations to your productions


10 Drum Fx Loops



Synth & Bass One Shots


Loops and Samples work in any DAW
100% Royalty-free for use in your musical productions



Standard Edition, Production Bundle

Product Breakdown

Size 954 mb
BPM 160
Full Drum Loops (incl. variations) 36
Drum Fills 10
Top Loops (incl. variations) 36
Percussion Loops (incl. variations) 36
Claps 10
Cymbals 10
Hats 10
Kicks 10
Open Hats 10
Percussion 20
Snares 15
Construction Kits 10
Bass Loops (incl. variations) 22
Synth Loops (incl. variations) 20
Downlifter Fx Loops 12
Impact Fx Loops 10
Misc Fx Loops 12
Riser Fx Loops 12
Fxs 20
Bonus 10 Drum Fx Loops
Bonus Ableton Live Drum Rack
Bonus Ableton Live Sampler Rack

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