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What is 'UNIT: Designer Drums'?

Ever struggled to get your drums distinguished from the other 99% of producers out there?

Regardless of the genre you produce, sound design is KEY. This fully implies for drums as well. Designing your drum kit will make your sound rich and unique.

This is why we created these inspiring drum tools - ‘UNIT: Designer Drums’ . This massive collection of 400+ one shot samples aims to empower your creativity and develop individual approach to creation of music.

So if you’re truly a passionate producer ready to take on the challenge of sound design, don’t miss out on this exclusive, limited time offer…

Get ‘UNIT: Designer Drums’ Sample Pack now!

Listen To 'Evenfall' In Action

Unit: Designer Drums

Ableton Live 10 Drum Rack

Extremely useful tool for generating new grooves with easy sample selection and more detailed tweaking. In pair with Max For Live LFO tool will generate random sample sets in no time.

Unit: Foley Percussion Sample Pack Included

Tired of all drum samples sounding the same and everyone using the same one shots? Of course - Finding proper material to layer your drums can be challenging for any producer!

Regardless of the genre you produce, drums can make your sound rich and unique.

Which is why we decided to give you these amazing tools for free - an extremely useful collection ‘UNIT: Foley Percussion’.

This collection includes various types of percussion hits and creative drum loops made that fit HipHop, Drum & Bass, House, Trap, UK Drill and Dubstep.

Loop Cult - Unit: Foley Percussion Sample Pack


You can use our samples in any commercial project without having to pay any further royalties or request any further permissions for their use.

• 44.1 Khz 24bit Wav Quality
• Normalized
• All Loops - Tempo Labelled

Works with all major DAWs and samplers:
• Ableton Live
• FL Studio
• Logic Pro and others

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