deadly Dubstep sonics

Dubstep Sample Pack

intoxicate souls of Dubstep lovers worldwide.

What a crazy time to live in. Poison has been the talk of the world as of late, and we couldn’t just turn a blind eye to that.

Loop Cult say: let music be your one true poison, and it is for that reason that we have have concocted TOXIN: a vile mixture of deadly Dubstep sonics aimed to intoxicate not bodies, but minds and souls of Dubstep lovers worldwide.

TOXIN takes a seemingly expected path with classic heavy-paced 140bpm workouts, and intersperses it with a noxious twist: all the sounds inside come with a rasping and gritty feel, proudly wearing authentic underground rave culture inspiration upon its sleeve, resulting in relentlessly tight & catchy drops that are certain to stand out.

Listen To 'TOXIN' In Action

Expect to be able to craft insane 140bpm floor-shakers with the help of the over-the-top drum loops & chops, booming subs & searing synthetic mids and spine-chilling frenetic synth & song starter loops set to inject some wicked colours into your grooves, as well as a splatter of frenzied FX bits to keep the whole mixture interesting.

Spread vibes not toxicity.

'Toxin' Ableton live Drum Rack

Ableton Live 10 Drum Rack

10 Stem Kits Included

• Bass Stems
• Drum Buss Stems
• Synth Stems
• Fx Stems


You can use our samples in any commercial project without having to pay any further royalties or request any further permissions for their use.

• 44.1 Khz 24bit Wav Quality
• Normalized
• All Loops - Tempo Labelled

Works with all major DAWs and samplers:
• Ableton Live
• FL Studio
• Logic Pro and others

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Toxin - Dubstep Sample Pack

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