breathe some trippy atmosphere into Production palette

Trip Hop Sample Pack

What is 'Forever'?

Hissing and steaming, out the fiery heat of Loop Cult’s ceaseless forge rolls out FOREVER: a brand new powerhouse of a sample pack that’s certain to infuse all the Trip Hop makers with ethereal delight.

Inspired by the sound of the greatest and molded by true masters of their craft, FOREVER can easily become the №1 Trip-Hop sample pack in your collection.

Deep and experimental, rich and versatile, polished, calculated, and ever so easy to use - FOREVER a proper treat for any Trip Hop head ready to experiment in blurring the lines between genres, and also splash some unique colours onto the worldwide canvas.

‘FOREVER’ offers a vast variety of sonic tools, taking you for a thrilling journey through various moods of Trip Hop: dark & dreary, anxious and foreboding, sombre and tripped-out, from Hip-Hop to outright Grunge - there’s an entire world of cinematic loops & hooks to explore!

Listen To 'Forever' In Action

You can expect your long-favoured dusty Hip-Hop & Downtempo Beats, all broken up & syncopated beyond recognition; a crispy Percussive seasoning along with Bass lines, both live and synthetic, all ready to set the right pace & tone for your narrative.

To breathe some trippy atmosphere into your palette, you’ll find an assortment of FX loops & bits, all spiralling up & down, shimmering and flashing with hazy lights, giving each of your track the individual background you’ve been looking for.

And, on top of all that, you’ve got loads and loads of absolutely exclusive music loops, spanning across all sorts of instruments: pianos, wurlies, distorted and disturbed lead lines, both clean and dusty tape, and much, much more that is best heard once than described a hundred times.

‘FOREVER’ is a 100% royalty free sample collection of electronic sounds and loops, available in 24-Bit Wav.


You can use our samples in any commercial project without having to pay any further royalties or request any further permissions for their use.

• 44.1 Khz 24bit Wav Quality
• Normalized
• All Loops - Tempo Labelled

Works with all major DAWs and samplers:
• Ableton Live
• FL Studio
• Logic Pro and others

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Forever - Trip Hop Sample Pack

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