Lofi Hip Hop Sample Pack

‘EVENFALL’ Sample Pack by Loop Cult brings you dusty beats, intimate lofi melodic loops and hazy jazz hooks, as well as a selection of inspiring one shots, primed for instant bedroom beat aesthetics.
Packed together with WAV, MIDI, chopped synth and bass one shots, Ableton Live Racks and a bonus collection of vintage drum samples, ‘Evenfall’ will help you create the warm sound of homegrown hip-hop instrumentals.

For producers looking for that eclectic, warm vinyl sound, this pack features more than 200 samples from drums to piano, synths, bass, textures and more, split into individual loops, along with 10 construction kits exemplifying the diversity of the genre.

‘Evenfall’ will provide you with everything you need for that authentic lofi sound!

Listen To 'Evenfall' In Action

'Evenfall' Drum Rack

Ableton Live 10 Drum Rack

A great tool to make dusty beats

10 Construction Kits

48 Chopped Bass One Shots
112 Chopped Synth One Shots

47 MIDI Files for Bass, Piano and Synths


You can use our samples in any commercial project without having to pay any further royalties or request any further permissions for their use.

• 44.1 Khz 24bit Wav Quality
• Normalized
• All Loops - Tempo Labelled

Works with all major DAWs and samplers:
• Ableton Live
• FL Studio
• Logic Pro and others

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Evenfall - LoFi Hip Hop Sample Pack

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