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*limited time offer

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What is the Beats bundle?

Loop Cult delivers the ultimate Beats Bundle for music producers and beatmakers!

Loaded with exclusive sounds for lofi hip hop, trap, uk drill, old school beats and beyond, these custom-created sounds are available together for only 27€!

If you’re looking to invest in your production & inspiration then this is the bundle for you!

12 Sound Packs, 3800 + Sounds, 2000+ Loops, 1800+ One Shots, 2 Ableton Live Templates,
20 Construction Kits

and more...

Total Value 180€

Now Only 27€*

*limited time offer

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What's inside the Beats bundle?

Loop Cult - Borealis Sample Pack

UK Drill Sample Pack

Loop Cult is back with another UK Drill’s ghoulish sonic palette - MASX, a dark and uncompromising sound library that pushes the transgressive genre of drill to unseen heights.

Get busy with 10 construction kits that propagate the original UK vibe, or simply build your new beats around music loops, load prechopped loops into your sampler and get ready to tear up central London.

‘MASX’ contains a wealth of dark melodies, punchy kicks, clangy snares and claps, distorted 808s, riser and impact FX sounds, as well as a selected collection of one-shots, gun shot fxs and custom build Ableton Live Drum Rack.

MASX UK Drill Sample Pack is a must have weapon for producers wanting to craft their own street stories of contemporary idiosyncrasies that every kid in the capital can relate to.

Loop Cult - Borealis Sample Pack
Loop Cult - Borealis Sample Pack

LoFi Hip Hop Sample Pack

‘EVENFALL’ Sample Pack by Loop Cult brings you dusty beats, intimate lofi melodic loops and hazy jazz hooks, as well as a selection of inspiring one shots, primed for instant bedroom beat aesthetics.
Packed together with WAV, MIDI, chopped synth and bass one shots, Ableton Live Racks and a bonus collection of vintage drum samples, ‘Evenfall’ will help you create the warm sound of homegrown hip-hop instrumentals.

For producers looking for that eclectic, warm vinyl sound, this pack features more than 200 samples from drums to piano, synths, bass, textures and more, split into individual loops, along with 10 construction kits exemplifying the diversity of the genre.

‘Evenfall’ will provide you with everything you need for that authentic lofi sound!

Loop Cult - Borealis Sample Pack

Trip Hop Sample Pack

Hissing and steaming, out the fiery heat of Loop Cult’s ceaseless forge rolls out FOREVER: a brand new powerhouse of a sample pack that’s certain to infuse all the Trip Hop makers with ethereal delight.

Inspired by the sound of the greatest and molded by true masters of their craft, FOREVER can easily become the №1 Trip-Hop sample pack in your collection.

Deep and experimental, rich and versatile, polished, calculated, and ever so easy to use - FOREVER a proper treat for any Trip Hop head ready to experiment in blurring the lines between genres, and also splash some unique colours onto the worldwide canvas.

‘FOREVER’ offers a vast variety of sonic tools, taking you for a thrilling journey through various moods of Trip Hop: dark & dreary, anxious and foreboding, sombre and tripped-out, from Hip-Hop to outright Grunge - there’s an entire world of cinematic loops & hooks to explore!

Loop Cult - Borealis Sample Pack
Loop Cult - Chainz Sample Pack

UK Drill Sample Pack

Welcome to CHAINZ by Loop Cult: a perfect place to stop for experimental Trap/UK Drill samples.

Expect to find the following powerful tools, that will elevate your UK Drill/Trap tracks to the new heights:

• Rolling grooves with in-your-face 808-based kicks & snares
• Drum machine-inspired percussion
• Disturbed synths and uniquely processed piano licks to convey the uneasy air of street life
• Synths and FX bits to add to the dark & agitated atmosphere 

Loop Cult - Borealis Sample Pack

LoFi Hip Hop Sample Pack

BOREALIS Sample Pack by Loop Cult is here to expand your producer’s palette in making Lo-Fi Hip Hop Beats.

Prepare to breathe the splendour of the northern lights into you tunes using:

• Diverse drum grooves ranging in tempo and colour;
• Lopsided percussion loops & chops to give your beats a distinct off-beat twist
• Tape-Flutter-y pianos and synths to take you places
• Crafted synthetic licks to give your tunes a unique touch

Loop Cult - Borealis Sample Pack
Loop Cult - Camelot Sample Pack

Trap Sample Pack

CAMELOT Sample Pack is a truly royal bundle for those looking to expand their ammo for making Trap and Beats.

Loaded with the unmistakeable 808 bullets, it rests upon a bed of tight rubbery subsonic mass.

Seasoned with piercing FX and drum sounds, it also, showcases music and synth loops, ranging from bright and synthetic to woodwind-y and dreary.

All sounds found in CAMELOT are fit for both arrangement, and live performance. All samples are finely organised to ensure your best producing experience.

So don’t miss out on such a chance to get a truly kingly load without paying a king’s ransom!

Unit: 808 //
808 Sample Pack

Loop Cult presents yet another instance of UNIT: a series of all-purpose sample packs meant to become the basics of your any-genre production kit.

This time we’re focusing on live sound, and UNIT: Guitars will be a real treat for anyone looking to bring authentic guitar grooves into their tracks.

Expect to find various kinds of licks, loops and grooves in different keys and tempos, each with its own mood and character. All perfect for giving your tunes a distinct live touch.

Loop Cult - Gambino Sample Pack

Hip Hop Sample Pack

Loop Cult welcomes you to the family with GAMBINO: a slick new sample collection for making arguably legal Hip-Hop.

Expect to find tools worthy of a truly seasoned mobster:

• Crafted beats ranging from old-school 80’s grooves to modern day trap influences; knuckle kicks and pocketknife snares
• Diverse percussion with shuffling tambourine & cymbal loops
• Tight analogue bass lines to blast your car stereo
• Synths, differing in tempo, key, and groove, all perfect for conveying the authentic air of gangster-inhibited slums

Loop Cult - Haze Sample Pack

UK Drill Sample Pack

Loop Cult presents HAZE: a scowling new set full of raw & moody samples for making UK Drill/Trap.

HAZE encompasses the very local, untoward, and overall don’t-mess-with-me attitude of the genre.

Expect to work with some dirty rolling beats, chest-pounding sub basses, raspy percussion loops, and murky, foreboding synths & bells capturing the spirit of shady London neighbourhoods.

Loop Cult - Haze Sample Pack
Loop Cult - Haze Sample Pack

Grime Sample Pack

Armed with dense rubbery sub basses, wretched & distorted, it rests upon a solid rhythmic foundation, with beats dynamic, sloppy, and sparse. Upon all that, you’ll meet obscure experimental FX chops, as well as trippy psychedelic synth loops.

All neatly organised and set to work in both songwriting, and live performance.

Loop Cult - Haze Sample Pack

Unit: Vintage Drums + Ableton Drum Rack

Inside you’ll find a highly usable selection of dirty snares & rimshots, dusty kicks and hihats giving off a vintage vibe.

Use them as is in a Lo-Fi Hip Hop track or add character and power to your drums in other genres.

Spark your creativity with UNIT: Vintage Drums and give your unfinished tracks exactly what the need to come back to life!

Loop Cult - Haze Sample Pack
Loop Cult - Hench UK Drill Drum Kit

HENCH // UK Drill Drum Kit

Loop Cult is back with a new free release - ‘Hench’ Drum Kit that capture the trademark sound of UK Drill and Trap.

In total this pack contains 92 samples provided as 24bit WAV files:

* 16 heavy 808 samples
* 5 bell sounds
* 24 cymbals & hats
* 10 punchy kicks
* 14 snappy snares
* 11 midrange percs

All sounds royalty free and exclusive! Only available on Loopcult.com

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Easy to use sounds...

Drag & Drop Ready Loops and One Shots

Ableton Live Ready Racks

Construction KIts With Stems

47 MIDI Files

Here's What You Get:

Masx - UK Drill Sample Pack

Evenfall - LoFi Hip Hop Sample Pack

Forever - Trip Hop Sample Pack

Chainz - UK Drill Sample Pack

Borealis - LoFi Hip Hop Sample Pack

Camelot - Trap Sample Pack

BONUS #1: Haze

BONUS #2: Gambino

BONUS #3: Capital

BONUS #4: Unit: 808

BONUS #5: Unit: Vintage Drums

BONUS #6: Hench

Total Value 180€

Now Only 27€*

*limited time offer

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Frequently Asked Questions...

You can use our samples in any commercial project without having to pay any further royalties or request any further permissions for their use.

• 44.1 Khz 24bit Wav Quality
• Normalized
• All Loops - Tempo Labelled

Works with all major DAWs and samplers:
• Ableton Live
• FL Studio
• Logic Pro and others

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